WYO - Truth or Dare

WYO Release Cinematic Pop Single “Truth or Dare”, debut single from upcoming LP, Gemini, out in 2024

By Matt

10/30/20231 min read

Bringing in vibes of early 2010s indie artists such as Foster the People and Arctic Monkeys, WYO makes waves with their sleek, 80s-influenced pop and rock on their latest release, “Truth or Dare”. The song almost has a feeling of walking through a bright city late at night, complete with a driving rhythm and a powerful, melodic chorus. “Truth or Dare” is a song that encourages risk-taking, taking listeners through a world full of opportunity and excitement, but only through the embracing of imperfections and the self-care that comes with embracing those imperfections. Frontman Andy Sorge says of the song’s meaning, “Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves, wanting to run away from the pressures of life… [t]hese feelings are part of the process and we deserve more self-compassion.”

Influenced by the connections to nature of the band members, WYO have already made a massive impact on the indie pop/rock scene, and will likely continue to do so as their forthcoming album, Gemini, is out soon.

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