Benjamin Davies is VELIKA VELIKA. "COMING.GOING." is his latest single, recorded in Nottingham, UK.

By Juan

2/17/20241 min read


The emergence of VELIKA VELIKA in the heart of Belper, UK, presents a musical endeavor that skillfully combines the raw essence of rock nostalgia with a contemporary twist. Their latest track, "COMING.GOING.," takes listeners on a sonic journey characterized by bluesy tones and distorted rock elements.

"COMING.GOING." weaves together a rich tapestry of sound, blending blues, rock, and psychedelia. The track's foundation relies on distorted bass amps and live drums, creating a gritty backdrop for the unfolding melodic narrative. The chilled-out vocal composure adds depth to the overall sonic landscape.

Meticulously crafted instrumentation, with distorted guitars and emotive vocals, serves as the focal point of "COMING.GOING." The relentless pace set by chugging rhythm guitars and the vulnerable, introspective vocals create a mesmerizing sonic experience that resonates profoundly with listeners.

The track's sonic landscape evolves noticeably as it progresses. Around the 40-minute mark, a feverish crescendo marks a pivotal shift, introducing a suave, fuzzy arsenal of sound and signaling a departure from the earlier introspective tone.

The lyrics delve into themes of self-perception and identity, exploring a character grappling with inadequacy while seeking validation from others. This introspective exploration adds depth, encouraging listeners to reflect on their own experiences of self-discovery and acceptance.

"COMING.GOING." showcases VELIKA VELIKA's artistic vision, skillfully navigating the complexities of human emotion and experience. The track is a testament to the band's creative prowess, crafting compelling narratives through music.

Since its release, "COMING.GOING." has garnered widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. Its infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics have struck a chord with listeners, propelling VELIKA VELIKA into the spotlight. The track's continued momentum is likely to have a lasting impact on the music scene.

In conclusion, "COMING.GOING." stands as a testament to VELIKA VELIKA's artistry and talent, offering a compelling glimpse into the human experience through its bluesy, distorted rock nostalgia and introspective lyricism. As listeners immerse themselves in its evocative soundscape, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and reflection.

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