TRASH PALS - Perfect Dream

PREMIERE: Trash Pals is Conor Rayne (vocals, bass, drums, songwriting) and Gabriel Schnider (vocals, guitar, keyboards, songwriting). "Perfect Dream" is the latest single

By Juan

2/23/20241 min read

PREMIERE: Trash Pals - Perfect Dream

Trash Pals, a musical duo, recently unveiled their latest single, "Perfect Dream," showcasing their talent and creative potential. The duo has garnered praise from various publications, with reviews highlighting their talent and potential for success in the music industry.

Trash Pals consists of Conor Rayne, who handles vocals, bass, drums, and contributes to songwriting, and Gabriel Schnider, responsible for vocals, guitar, keyboards, and songwriting.

The duo met during their adolescence at a jazz camp, bonding over a shared sense of homesickness. Over the years, they collaborated in various bands and projects in New York City, supporting each other through thick and thin. Presently, Conor resides in Los Angeles, while Gabriel splits his time between Hawaii and LA.

Trash Pals draw inspiration from a diverse array of musical genres and artists, including John Cage, Nirvana, Gabby Pahinui, Wilco, and many others.

While Trash Pals has yet to perform at major festivals collectively, individually, they have graced stages worldwide. Gabriel, a Juilliard graduate, has performed at prestigious events alongside renowned artists like Jon Batiste and Wynton Marsalis. Conor, as a founding member of Brasstracks, has collaborated with acclaimed musicians such as Chance the Rapper and Miley Cyrus.

"Perfect Dream" was recorded at Matter Music in Los Angeles, with Trash Pals overseeing production alongside engineer Jon Graber. The song's ethos revolves around warmth, intimacy, and acceptance, serving as a counterpoint to their previous EP, "Love Object."

"Perfect Dream" captures the ephemeral beauty of cherished moments, juxtaposing the warmth of dreams with the realities of life's challenges and changes.

A notable aspect of the recording process was the spontaneous energy captured, with each instrument recorded in just a few takes, lending a live and organic feel to the song.

Trash Pals' latest release, "Perfect Dream," epitomizes their musical evolution and artistic vision, inviting listeners into a world of introspection and beauty.

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