Stringfella is an electronic music producer who has been releasing music sense 2012 and has played alongside some of ireland and the uks best djs.

By Juan

3/11/20242 min read

On Rotation: StringFella - 100 Ways (Remix)

Amidst the realm of music, the Irish maestro of the turntable, StringFella, once again emerges as a prominent figure with his latest musical offering - a reimagined version of "100 Ways" by the esteemed Tullamore artist Dave Peyton. This fresh release pledges an invigorating fusion of lively house rhythms, punctuated by entrancing saxophone harmonies and Peyton's unique vocal stylings.

StringFella's rendition of "100 Ways'' serves as a testament to his distinctive artistic approach, seamlessly blending vintage house and techno motifs with a contemporary edge. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Boris Brejcha, Lane 8, and Guy J, StringFella crafts a sonic journey he aptly terms his "digital elixir."

Embarking on his DJ odyssey in 2012, StringFella swiftly ascended to prominence within the vibrant landscapes of Ireland and the UK's electronic music circuit. Alongside revered figures like Mode_1, Jon Hussey, and Jon Hemming, he has enraptured audiences with his avant-garde sonic tapestries.

Amassing a repertoire of successful releases, StringFella has captured the attention of esteemed platforms such as RTE, JuiceFM, and BBC. His track "Heel Hooked" garnered acclaim as the 'highlight of the week' on Underground Ireland, cementing his status as a luminary in the electronic music realm.

Hailing from Tullamore, Dave Peyton first gained recognition as a member of Dave's Radio, achieving acclaim by reaching the finals of RTE's You're a Star in 2005. Venturing into a solo career thereafter, Peyton garnered praise for albums like "Couch Lovers."

To commemorate the launch of the "100 Ways Remix," StringFella will curate an exclusive event at the renowned locale, John Lee's Bar and Venue, nestled on Church Street, Tullamore. Promising to unite music aficionados from diverse backgrounds, this gathering will celebrate the unifying power of music.

As StringFella unveils his latest opus to the world. Prepare to be immersed in an evening of pulsating rhythms, soul-stirring melodies, and infectious energy as "100 Ways Remix" takes center stage.

In a musical landscape teeming with offerings, StringFella's remix shines as a beacon of ingenuity and originality. Through his collaboration with Dave Peyton, he transcends conventional boundaries, delivering a musical journey that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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