SOPHRO - Our Song

"Our Song" is an electronic pop ballad, exploring feelings of a burn out, acceptance of being lost, feeling hopeful, and the powerful relationships between friends and family that keeps us going, even through the darkest times.

By Eleonora

11/4/20231 min read

Sophro is a new electronic music project that has emerged from Manchester by Lithuanian artist Deimante Pranckeviciute. ‘Our Song’ is the latest track to come from it, exploring the techno genre through a more emotive lens. It dissects feelings of loss and the relationships in our life that guide us. Through harmonising vocals and hearty synths , she blends the acoustic and electronic to accentuate the emotions felt by this track. Though the themes explored are heavy, this song is full of love for the people that supported her through her darkest times. She says “my loneliest times were never lonely”; because there was always someone there for her, even if she did not realise it. Her song is raw and real, using her hard personal experiences against an exploratory alternative sound. Sophro mixes the most human feelings with the most unnatural sounds, but finds a common ground to make it all work. The experience is transcendent, with her vocals transporting you to another dimension. Sophro knows what it means to be alternative and new. Can we expect a new EP or even an album soon? Only time will tell, but for now we have ‘our song’.

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