Sandman is a Canadian Alternative Pop singer- songwriter with a genre blending aesthetic, eccentric production, and smooth atmospheric vocals. 'Go' is Sandman’s newest single.

By Eleonora

10/15/20231 min read

Canadian artist Sandman teases the first single off his upcoming EP, bringing us the alternative rap track ‘Go!’. The smooth talking style makes this song an easy listen, and you almost feel yourself getting seduced by him. By mixing latin sounds over garage drums, it feels like a song that you would play at the end of a party when everyone has coupled up. The song itself tells the story of how he flirts with a woman, and from the suaveness of the song we can assume that the interaction ends successfully. It is clear to see his influences from the auto tuned singing and electronic production, reflecting the style of Dominic Fike and Joji with a fresher twist. All this combined with the trendy visuals makes Sandman the perfect alt indie rapper. Different to what he has previously released, this track dips its toes more into the dance music genre. Having been easily placed into the ‘bedroom pop’ genre before, this new single shows that maybe he is just generally an alternative musician. Fans are left wondering what his pending EP “SANDBOX V1” will entail. Will we be hearing more sensual rap beats? Or will he continue exploring the alternative genre with more heartbreaking, soul searching songs?

Within his 3-year career Sandman has amassed over 400k streams across all platforms and sold out various local venues. Catch 'Go' on Spotify and AFX radio:

On Rotation: SANDMAN 'Go!'