Long Way To Go is a song that feels nostalgic and will make you want to take the long way home. It's a love song that reminds us of the people we want in our lives for a long time.

By Grace

3/17/20241 min read


Saige Noelle, a rising American R&B artist, released her latest single, "Long Way To Go." The track gives listeners a captivating blend of nostalgia and contemporary R&B, as the single is infused with soulful melodies and genuine lyrics.

Recorded with the guidance of Smokey Lavell Productions, "Long Way To Go” exudes an unmistakable 80s vibe. With infectious melodies and heartfelt storytelling, the single captures the essence of love and longing, all while painted against a backdrop of nostalgic sounds.

Drawing inspiration from her own experiences of falling in love, Noelle explores themes of commitment and vulnerability in "Long Way To Go." Now engaged, she created the track upon recalling the beginning of her relationship and falling in love, where she was questioning if the two would be able to make it work in the long run.

The song's lyrics delve deep into the intricacies of relationships, exploring themes of commitment, doubt, and unwavering devotion. Against the backdrop of shimmering synths and retro-inspired beats, Noelle's heartfelt storytelling shines through, painting a vivid picture of love's triumphs and tribulations. It's a narrative that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level, tapping into universal emotions and experiences.

With influences ranging from icons like Brandy, Beyoncé, and Jazmine Sullivan, Noelle brings her fresh perspective to the table. Having performed at notable venues like Rockwood Music Hall, Noelle has already made a mark on the music scene with her soulful performances.

As Noelle continues to captivate audiences with her emotional voice and evocative storytelling, "Long Way To Go" gives listeners a deeper understanding of Noelle’s artistry.