ROUND UP | July 1

Our discographic suggestions

AFX radio team

Foreign Saints - Here With Me

Foreign Saints is a new bedroom pop project by Brooklyn-based musician Thomas Roberts, inspired by the likes of The Japanese House, Day Wave, and War on Drugs. Thomas and Harper James (Eighty Ninety, Groupthink) got together to work on the first single from a batch of songs that will become the band's debut EP. The project name is a nod to to when the artist hiked the Camino de Santiago, where the pull of completing a journey named after an arbitrary foreign saint showed him the beauty in the pursuit of something in and of itself. He approaches music in the same way.

Alexia Vegas - Feel This Way

Love is complicated. But breaking up can be worse. In the moody and achingly honest synth pop single, "Feel This Way", Alexia Vegas runs through the full gamut of emotions about her insecurities and uncertainties in deciding to break up with her lover, who begs her to stay and can't understand why she wants to end their relationship. He tells her that he loves her and he can't live without her, but her response is, "Isn't that what we always say?" Alexia wonders, "Am I weak for holding on to him or am I strong for letting go?" She answers all her question in the verse, "They say love can weather or weather, sunny days will follow the storm. I say love is never forever, and love starts dying the day it is born."

Canadian indie pop duo Wotts have released their new song “garden”. As the final single from their 3 track EP that bears the same name, it also marks the first time the group has dropped a cohesive project for listeners to dive into. Like its predecessors ( “blue” and “wheel”),“garden” mixes modern and retro influences, resulting in a final product that’s both fresh and familiar.

Since forming, Wotts has been known for creating music that’s heavily influenced by the 80s. While their garden EP strays from that sound, it’s clear the band continued to rely on ‘nostalgic vibes’ when crafting these tracks. “When we look back on this EP, it’ll probably stick out a bit sonically compared to our other music. But I think that underlying feeling where we we’re chasing something that we left behind is still there” explains Jayem (Wotts vocalist and multi- instrumentalist). The duo cites The Beatles, Men I Trust and (Alchemist author) Paulo Coelho as influences for the EP. A bit random for sure, but according bassist and guitarist Ricky 100, being all over the place works well for them. “We never try to question what inspires us. All we can do is trust that little spark when it hits us”.

Wotts - Garden

Young León -Brain Games

Young León is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, "Brain Games," an enchanting musical experience that takes listeners on a captivating journey into the realms of mystery and relationships.

With its mesmerizing melodies and introspective lyrics, "Brain Games" delves into the intricate dynamics of human connection. The song effortlessly captures the anticipation of a late-night call and the exhilaration of wandering through dimly lit streets. Through thought-provoking verses and catchy choruses, Young León skillfully paints a vivid picture of the enigmatic dance we play with our minds.