ROUND UP - August 24

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8/24/20232 min read

Falling Leaf

Katie Fry is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with an Alt-Country-Pop inspired Folk sound. She writes songs about love, friendship, struggle and hope. Falling Leaf is a song with freeing lyrics that speak to letting go and moving on. The verses are built around a bass line with honest sounding doubled vocals. The song builds up to the chorus with jam band style drumming, B3 organ, soulful back up vocals, acoustic guitar and piano. What stands out the most is Katie’s flute solo, with melodic scales and dreamy reverb sound. Written and produced by Katie Fry, Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Lozano.


Written and produced by Cole in the bleak peak of Winter, at a time when she was so bogged down by the world and all the struggle in it. “I wanted to write a song that made me feel happy inside when I heard it. I thought of upbeat tempos and I was drawn to retro synths and an uplifting chorus”, Cole explains. As a Folktronica artist, with ‘Gravity’, Cole stretches her production skills and tries her hand at synth pop. “It is such a sweet, uplifting genre and feels quite sentimental to me. I am an 80’s child and this song is about breaking free so it fit perfectly”. Cole shares her uniquely lush and detailed production, coupled with ethereal vocals that float effortlessly on top.

Tonight I'm in Love

Tonight I'm in Love is a “sweep you off your feet”, butterflies & endless nights kinda love song! It carries hints of James Blunt, Milky Chance and LP.  SINCLAIR words: "I wanted to evoke a genuine sense of romance and butterfly's, if you will, while still having the potential for the listener to feel there's something moody underlying... this is how I really felt when first meeting my wife - as I was finally able to feel free love with who I wanted, but still just shaking off the sensation that my family wouldn't be apart of that life or consider relationship with us at all. It's a full on cut ties situation."