ROUND UP - August 18

Our Discographic Suggestions. With: Willy Hobal, K-Syran, Bad Bubble


8/18/20231 min read

Original EP

As an artist who is focused on creating music that empowers and inspires people, particularly the LGBTQ + community, Willy Hobal is certainly an important figure in the reggaeton community. Willy is on a mission to introduce Europe to his unique tropical style, which is rooted in his Caribbean heritage. With 'VIRGO',  first 6 tracks EP, Willy Hobal confirms to shape the future of the reggaeton genre. 'VIRGO' EP on Spotify: 

K-SYRAN - Sunny

K-Syran brings a fresh and vibrant twist to Boney M's iconic track "Sunny" with her organ piano house mix. This energetic rendition infuses the song with infectious dance beats and K-Syran's soulful vocals, creating a feel-good anthem perfect for the dancefloors. Get ready to groove and bask in the warmth of "Sunny" as K- Syran's dynamic interpretation breathes new life into this timeless classic.  'SUNNY' on Spotify:


Bad Bubble/Solo Artist: Synths, keyboards, guitar, programming, vocals, bass, songwriting, recording, all in one. 3 years to tell the story of his daughter in the form of over 160 songs. 9 albums, 8 EP's, and over 50 singles. 'Alone' is about wondering just how long can BB, aka Bad Bubble, goes without talking to people. An authentic story about life and family.   'ALONE' on Spotify: