PREMIERE on AFX - Della Chase 'Gone'

EP 'Heavy' out on 13th October

10/7/20232 min read

'GONE' is on rotation on AFX radio prior to the release of the full EP 'HEAVY' on 13th October

Della Chase is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Her roots run deep in the city of brotherly love. Since she can remember she's always wanted to sing and perform and since she could talk, she hasn't stop singing. The name Della in Italian means "of the" and with that the last name for the stage name had to be Chase. And Della Chase came to be; it is about chasing your dreams no matter the obstacle. Her genre is multi-genre. A mix of soul, R&B, pop, indie, alternative and folk.

The EP, Heavy will be released on the 13th October. Track order; Gone, Insane, I Don't Care & Truth. Heavy is about just going with the flow in life. When your mind overpowers you and you can't control it and then one day, coming back down to earth and saying "I got this" or "I don't care" because some things in life aren't that deep.

Della speaks: ''I wrote all the melodies for all the songs with some simple chord progressions. I wrote "Gone" by myself on piano and steel guitar. It didn't sound sad enough. I was personally dealing with physical chronic pain, and I wanted it all gone. I shared with Tom my demo and we thought it needed synths . "Insane" was awesome to write! I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound, especially in the outro of me going up the scale and then back down like a psycho/mad woman concept. "Truth" was inspired by a friendship that automatically ended. It's about clearly seeing this person constantly lying and when you call them out on it, they get defensive. "I Don't Care" is about politics. It's a mess. Every four years, no one is happy. I stay out of it. I don't know what to believe. It's exhausting! Some things get heavy in life and you need to step back and say "This does not need my energy" "It will get better" "It's not that deep".''