NOLO GRACE - Love Is Worth It All

From love's painful depths to self-love's empowering heights, this anthemic electronic pop ballad explores the journey from loving others to loving oneself.

By Grace

3/27/20241 min read


Nolo Grace, a Los-Angeles based musician, released her latest track "Love Is Worth It All." The track is the second release from her anticipated album, "Eyes of the Dragon."

The song is an anthemic electronic pop ballad that delves deep into the complexities of love. Produced by Martin Wave, who has worked with the likes of Steve Aoki and Post Malone, the track features dynamic instrumentation, melding piano, synths, and drums to create a catchy and memorable track.

With strong lyricism, Nolo Grace narrates her evolution from tolerating tumultuous relationships to finding a strong sense of self-worth. Reflecting on the songwriting process, the artist shared that the track took years of writing and rewriting. Over the course of the creative process, the song went from being about unhealthy relationships to then being about the relationship the artist developed with herself. Thus, "Love Is Worth It All” showcases Nola Grace’s powerful story of transformation and self-discovery.

Having cited influencers from pop, R&B, hip hop, and experimental genres, Nolo Grace has created her own distinctive niche of dreamy electronic alt-pop. Throughout her tracks, listeners can expect to hear her soulful vocals, innovative production, and thought-provoking lyrics that share her personal journey.

Nolo Grace draws from her life experiences, including a challenging childhood and a career on Wall Street. Through music, she highlights themes of loss, healing, and transformation. In her forthcoming album, "Eyes of the Dragon," Nolo Grace invites listeners to join her on a transformative voyage through life's complexities.

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