NO LONESOME - Cool Waters

"No Lonesome's music is both raw and polished- a blend of hi-fi and lo-fi. This Chicago DIY project explores a sound imbued with foggy nostalgia and intense presence".

By Matt

2/14/20241 min read

On rotation: No Lonesome "Cool Waters"

Some of the brightest lights in modern folk have not necessarily come from the traditions of the genre. Instead of being focused on exquisite storytelling by experienced lyricists, exceptional folk can follow the paths of artists like Elliott Smith, with lo-fi production and a rough-around-the-edges vibe. The plucky, quiet sound of No Lonesome and their latest single, “Cool Waters,” feels very much like a tribute to the 90s folk scene, due in large part to its direct lyricism and slightly disjointed chords. At first glance, there exists a small country feel in the song: its beat feels very much like a classic country song, and No Lonesome’s voice has a bit of a light twang to it.

But repeated listens reward listeners with a track equally sensitive and punchy. Like a long conversation with a friend on a fading summer day, there’s a certain honesty in No Lonesome’s lyrics that can’t be ignored, and they definitely exist in the pathway led by the aforementioned Smith. This is music without pretensions, a kind of spirit that seems to have been lost in a world of big-budget productions and oversinging. “Cool Waters” plays it straight and succeeds greatly from it. No wonder the Chicago singer has had an impact in their hometown. A bit of advice: keep releasing things like this and you might have a whole lot more than a city wanting to see you grow.