MYAH MAYHEW - Prisonhouse

"I hope this song can be an anthem and form of catharsis for women and girls that went through what I witnessed" Myah Mayhew

By Grace

3/23/20241 min read

On Rotation: Prisonhouse by Myah Mayhew

Myah Mayhew, the emerging singer-songwriter from Dallas Texas, unveils her latest single, "Prisonhouse.” The track, which was inspired by her own experiences navigating the challenges of high school, is deeply personal and vulnerable for the artist. Thus, Myah hopes the song serves as an anthem of empowerment and catharsis for women and girls who have faced similar struggles.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Jupiter Studios in Flower Mound, "Prisonhouse" sees Myah collaborating with a talented team of musicians and producers. Drummer Isaac England and bassist Kevin Barth provide the solid foundation upon which Myah's evocative vocals and soul-stirring lyrics thrive. Meanwhile, producer and engineer Carson Aday lends his expertise, guiding the creative process and infusing the track with innovative sonic elements.
With influences ranging from classic rock legends like Heart to contemporary acts such as Larkin Poe, Myah delivers a compelling blend of grit and vulnerability in her latest musical endeavor. Furthermore, Myah noted how working with Carson Aday led to the exploration of unconventional sound effects. Through experimentation and open-mindedness, they ultimately discovered a synth sound that added a new dimension to the song, elevating it to new heights.

Drawing inspiration from her deep immersion in literature, film, and television, Myah notably delves into the intricate psyche of characters she admires, crafting poignant narratives from their perspectives. This unique approach infuses her music with a unique depth and authenticity.

"Prisonhouse" serves as a testament to Myah's growth as an artist over the years. Having honed her craft through countless performances across the Dallas area and notable appearances at events like the Cottonwood Art Festival, she brings those new experiences to her latest release.

With "Prisonhouse," Myah invites listeners to get to know her better as an artist who looks to share authenticity and emotion. As she continues to push the boundaries of her artistry, Myah's music promises to captivate audiences in the years to come.