millhope - Prototype

"Prototypes" is a mesmerizing electronic music track that defies genre boundaries. Combining elements of Electronic Dance, Rock, and Ambient.

By Matt

11/19/20231 min read

Often, electronic music is thought of in its more dance-heavy forms, with thumping bass, pounding drums, and anthemic synths (and a vocal sample here and there) leading the way in order to create a party-centric atmosphere. But the nuances of electronic music stretch far beyond those rigid boundaries, and German producer and guitarist Millhope is creating some of the most unique sounds in modern electronic music with his newest release, “Prototype”. Blending smooth guitar leads with a slow, flowing rhythm section, the song feels atmospheric in a completely different way, almost like something one would hear in a video game soundtrack, and the only vocals in the song, contributed by fellow Cologne artist Jenny Thiele, are meant as a sort of counterpoint to the guitar to represent something more familiar, a contrast meant to hook listeners of more traditional electronic music back in.

In a way, “Prototype” pushes the boundaries of electronic music in a big way while adjusting only minor things in its structure. Give it a bit of warmth and a more compact rhythm section, and this wouldn’t be too far off from something like a lo-fi hip hop beat. The key difference is in the amount of electronic influences that seep in; some of the synth leads early in the song might be something that Boards of Canada, one of Millhope’s biggest influences, would’ve used on some of their landmark projects. The previously mentioned guitar is also a welcome change of pace for a genre that rarely uses guitar as a lead instrument. Listeners of more ambient electronic styles should love “Prototype”, and listeners of the more dance-heavy electronic music they’re used to may find Millhope’s newest as a welcome change of pace.

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