MEL SENESE - Be My Lover

" "Be My Lover" is an ode to my favorite 90s dance song. I wanted to put out a cover of this that translated into my style of music". Mel Senese

By Grace

3/9/20241 min read


Mel Senese, a Chicago-born artist, released her latest single “Be My Lover,” which is an edgy Pop/Rock anthem pulsating with raw energy and urgency.

“Be My Lover” showcases lyrics that speak about the intense desire for commitment, capturing the visceral emotions of longing and determination. With gritty guitar riffs and strong vocals further driving the rhythm, the song channels the edgy intensity of unrequited passion.

Each chorus explodes with the question while the bridge serves as a climactic moment of catharsis, with the music building to a crescendo of emotion, mirroring the desire for mutual commitment. Thus, "Be My Lover" is an ode to the intensity of romantic pursuit amidst the uncertainties of relationships.

Following her return to music after a hiatus, she delivers a powerful message of resilience and support, urging listeners to uplift one another in times of adversity. With its playful verses and anthemic chorus, "Untouchable" encapsulates Mel's ethos of strength and solidarity.

Drawing inspiration from a blend of influences including Pink's dynamism and hints of alternative vibes reminiscent of Paramore and No Doubt, Mel infuses her music with passion and optimism, speaking about life's challenges through her artistry.

During the pandemic, Mel embraced digital platforms, engaging with fans through live streaming, which became a cornerstone of her connection with audiences. Her themed events, notably her weekly Wednesday streams, garnered a devoted following and media attention, including features in the Chicago Tribune and appearances on ABC7.

Excited to unveil more single in 2024, Mel invites audiences to embark on a journey of musical discovery and empowerment.