Mandarina - Le Soleil Ne Se Couche Plus


by Juan

10/20/20231 min read

PREMIERE: Mandarina 'Le Soleil Ne Se Couche Pas'

In the mesmerizing realm of music, there are moments when unexpected unions give birth to extraordinary ventures. Thus unfolds the enchanting story of Mandarina, born from the serendipitous encounter of two LGBTQ+ souls hailing from opposite ends of our wondrous globe: Colombian actress Paola Olarte and Parisian electronic maestro Michael Tainturier. In 2014, Paola journeyed to France, where she swiftly immersed herself in the tapestry of live performances and the vibrant world of drag. It was within this kaleidoscope of creativity that their paths converged with Michael's, who spends his days in the recording studio and his nights surrounded by electronic music lovers and drag queens.

Though they inhabited distinct realms, their personas stood as polar opposites. The essence of Mandarina lies precisely in the unexpected fusion of these ostensibly disparate elements. Paola bestows the project with theatricality, mystique, and the Latin warmth of her heritage, while Michael contributes his rock-tinged spirit, synthetic cadences, and the elegance of a French dandy.

Mandarina's distinction extends beyond their musical creations; it encompasses the depth of their narrative. Paola and Michael's collaboration serves as a testament to the alchemy of differences, forging something truly magnificent. Their live performances and musical oeuvre are enriched by the interplay of theatricality and electronica, Latin exuberance and French sophistication.

The inception of Mandarina's journey was marked by a significant milestone: their debut on the stage in 2019. The duo captivated audiences with their very first song, igniting hearts with their exuberance and stage presence. Their music, an amalgamation of Latin rhythms and electronic symphonies, wove a tapestry of sensory delight for those fortunate enough to witness their live performances.