Madeline Martin is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, Usa

By Matt

2/25/20241 min read


Strong debuts mean a lot when trying to break into the music industry. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but an artist’s debut single should, at least, be a clear representation of they are as both a musician and as a person, something that new fans can quickly latch onto. In other words, personality is key, and Madeline Martin’s debut, “I-35,” has it in spades. Think a folky singer-songwriter like Lizzy McAlpine getting caught up in a Hot Topic circa 2008. A more common combination than you might think. Yet, there’s something unmistakably gritty about Martin’s style, one that calls to mind a lot of dirty garage rock (The Black Keys, anyone?) and a whole world of country-rock crossover artists. In short, there’s a lot going on here, and a lot going on in the lyrics as well.

Crediting McAlpine as one of her largest inspirations, it’s no Martin’s lyrics are so intensely honest and biting. Hell, she wrote the song after attending one of McAlpine’s concerts and hearing an unreleased song. In a bit of a daring move for a debut, Martin sets up a difficult scenario: two lovers who can’t accept their incompatibility and continue to be toxic to each other. It’s a striking observation that suggests Martin’s apparent maturity this early into her career, making “I-35” an impressive start to what’s sure to be a long and fruitful musical journey. Aspiring songwriters beware: you’ve got catching up to do.

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