MADDY SUPPEZ - Art of Healing

''Her vocals are greatly hypnotising, both in rapping and singing settings.''

By Lee O.

10/3/20231 min read

On Rotation: MADDY SUPPEZ -Art of Healing

‘Art of Healing’ needs to be experienced. Like, we can write about it now, but overall you are likely to not fully grasp the immense charisma and fragility Maddy Suppez is able to infuse into her music. Stacking light and old-school flavoured hip-hop beats with ethereal and intimate vocal harmonies (James Blake anyone?), the American rapper develops a highly unique and authentic artistic universe, the perfect place for one to aimlessly wandering.

Her vocals are greatly hypnotising, both in rapping and singing settings. The flow is elegant and polite, yet lyrically hard-hitting and fast-paced, keeping the attention high while serving up soulful and evocative vibes. Choruses are sung with near-angelic vocals. Suppez really is a big talent.

Describing the inspiration behind ‘Art of Healing’, Suppez explains: “Going through a breakup, understanding that healing is not linear, some days will be harder than others but at the end of the day, it's the art of healing.”

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