LINNÉA - Fixation EP

"Fixation" is more than simply an EP; it's a tribute to the extraordinary power of music as an emotional channel.

By Juan

10/27/20232 min read

A compelling universe arises in the domain of music, where musicians tell enticing tales via their musical narratives. Let us take a journey through the heart of the EP "Fixation," a musical masterpiece that weaves an emotionally charged and profoundly memorable tale. The EP is the creation of Linnéa and Mark Docherty, a remarkable couple who, through their shared passion for music, have sparked a creative spark that has burned brightly since their undergraduate days.
The "Fixation" creative process draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of musical influences, particularly from the golden age of the 1990s and 2000s. Linnéa and Mark's musical approach has been influenced by icons such as Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Alanis Morissette, Jack White, and The Cranberries, resulting in a unique combination of rock, pop, and raw emotion.

Before we get into the meat of the EP, let's take a moment to appreciate Linnéa and Mark's success. The reviews have flooded in, and they are as enthralling as the music itself. According to EDM Records, "Linnéa is reclaiming glam rock glory and bringing it crashing back into the mainstream with her raw, emotive pop." CLOUT's Kieran Rogers agrees, describing Linnéa's sound as having "powerful gravity and an aura that makes for a captivating listening experience."

"Fixation" is a meaningful voyage into the labyrinth of human emotions, not just a compilation of tunes. Linnéa wrote this EP during a difficult point in her life when she was dealing with anxiety and sadness. This difficulty served as a catalyst for her artistic expression, as she channeled her grief into a one-of-a-kind and intensely personal collection of songs.

Let's take a deeper look at the tunes that comprise "Fixation."

"Blue Crystal" explores the idea of desire and the yearning for something that is just out of grasp. It delves into the pain of being caught in an emotional minefield where false hope and rejection collide. The final phrase, "You show yourself to me, just to take away my sight," captures the heartbreaking conclusion that the person one wants may not desire them back.
"Lonely" is a moving meditation on the war against inner demons. The song powerfully depicts the battle of fighting the negative voice within one's brain while seeking inner calm in the midst of chaos. It's a heartfelt depiction of a never-ending conflict that often feels like a losing battle.
"Fixation" explores the themes of loss and mourning. It captures the emotion of being unable to let go, of being fixated on what was. The song is a monument to the strength of the human spirit.
"Mother" is a profoundly intimate song inspired by Linnéa's own familial ties. It discusses impostor syndrome and the process of restoring strength. It's an homage to the love and support of family throughout difficult times.
"Predictable" delves into the complexities of a relationship that refuses to die. It depicts two people who are inextricably attached to one other regardless of the circumstances. Even after it appears to be finished, their bond persists, much like the longing shown in "Blue Crystal."

In conclusion, "Fixation" is more than simply an EP; it's a tribute to the extraordinary power of music as an emotional channel. Linnéa and Mark Docherty have beautifully written a one-of-a-kind story, and their music transports the listener on an emotional trip.

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