Lavender Rodriguez returns with an upbeat, electronic-punk-pop queer anthem, in the heat of global debate about trans rights.

By Eleonora

10/2/20231 min read


After creating a buzz in the last year through their live performances, Lavender Rodriguez has dropped a new ‘queer anthem’. The Hampshire raised, Manchester based artist has blended their struggle with gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia with alternative electronic sounds. Lavender’s song compares the feelings of gender dysphoria to reaching a ‘boss level’ on a video game.

It begins with a startling synth and then dives into a repetitive chiptune style rhythm; one can visualise an 8-bit version of Lavender navigating through the level. The repeated hyper-pop rhythms combined with the rant-like singing force you to feel their dysphoria.

Whilst the lyricism is not particularly subtle, there is no reason for it to be. Lavender Rodriguez is saying it plainly and directly - this is how they feel and they’re not the only one. It's their internal dialogue and struggle, ultimately they are the only person who can deal with this. Listeners are left on edge and waiting to see what will be released next.

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