LATE HALA - Saints And Sinners

Saints & Sinners blends vintage synths with acoustic guitars, huge drums and soulful female backing vocals. As with previous Late Hala efforts the song has a hypnotic, profound feel that brings together musical elements to create a cinematic sound.

By Juan

3/16/20241 min read

On Rotation: "Saints & Sinners" by Late Hala

Late Hala's latest single, "Saints & Sinners," released on March 15th, has once again captivated audiences with its enigmatic sound and profound lyricism. The inspiration behind the track comes from Peter Jackson's first world war film, "They Shall Not Grow Old," focusing on themes of isolation and detachment experienced by soldiers returning from the western front.

The lyrics of "Saints & Sinners" deeply reflect the struggles faced by those trying to reintegrate into society after the war, encapsulated in poignant lines like "When the war is over you’ll try to join the crowd, only to find they shut you out." The song masterfully combines vintage synths, acoustic guitars, powerful drums, and soulful female backing vocals, creating a rich and immersive listening experience. Late Hala's ability to seamlessly blend different musical elements results in a cinematic sound that transports listeners to another world.

The music, characterized by its hypnotic and profound feel, continues to showcase Late Hala's unique style that merges indie rock, electronic, and folk influences. The eclectic mix of genres sets Late Hala apart from their contemporaries, creating a refreshing and innovative sound.

Critics and fans alike have praised "Saints & Sinners" for its haunting melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and impeccable production. Late Hala's commitment to pushing the boundaries of music and storytelling is evident, further solidifying their position as an artist with a distinct artistic vision and musical prowess.

In conclusion, "Saints & Sinners" stands as a testament to Late Hala's ongoing impact in the music scene, offering a powerful and emotive track that resonates deeply with listeners through its exploration of war's psychological toll and the challenges of reintegration into society.