"Rising from the vibrant landscape of dark, electro-pop, songwriter and producer Kristina Rossi is set to captivate audiences with her debut single "Borderline,""

By Grace

2/26/20241 min read

On Rotation: Kristina Rossi - Borderline

Kristina Rossi, a California based dark-electro pop singer, steps into the spotlight with her debut single, "Borderline." Released on just on Friday February 23rd, Rossi's track has already gained the attention and respect of listeners with her unique brooding synthesizers alongside her thoughtful confessional lyrics.

For Rossi, "Borderline" is more than just her debut single, but a declaration of empowerment and self-discovery. Through her lyrics, Rossi speaks about the power of breaking free from toxic relationships and reclaiming your freedom. In each line, Rossi does her best to encourage new fans to embrace their own liberties.

Inspired by the likes of Massive Attack, Röyksopp, and Robyn, it is no surprise Rossi infuses her music with moody synths and cinematic depth. As a result, “Borderline” glows with emotional resonance and pop sensibility.

Having studied at LIMPI, a music school with an intense one-year program focused on music production under the mentorship of industry professionals, Rossi uses her debut single to showcase her knowledge of creating unique sounds that defies genre conventions and leaves a lasting impression on first-time listeners.

"Borderline" is just the first track off of Rossi’s forthcoming EP, "Rings of Saturn," later this year. With a commitment to authenticity and a passion for storytelling, Rossi's music is aimed at listeners who are looking for tracks that are designed to inspire and uplift them.

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