KINGA K - Lilies

Kinga Kreffta, is a singer-songwriter hailing from Poland, now based in Leeds, UK. 'Lilies' is her latest single.

by Eleonora

10/22/20231 min read

Polish born, Yorkshire based artist Kinga K has made the ultimate cool girl song with her new song ‘Lilies’. Her song shows the range of singing capabilities she has as she is clearly a skilled musician. With a distinct sound and interesting productions, ‘Lilies’ is a song you can listen to on repeat. The mysterious cover art of lilies in a dark mist matches the mood of the song perfectly. ‘Lilies’ feels like a break up track that the manic pixie dream girl would write. And who would leave her? The repeated whispering of “he loves me, he loves me not” adds this playful sinisterness, turning the childhood memory of playing with flowers into an adult torment. What I love about this song is that I feel as though Kinga K can appeal to a wide audience. This alternative pop track includes a mixture of synths and sounds that scratch your brain, and Kinga K is the star of the song. I hope that Kinga never loses her distinct style and I think she is definitely an artist that we are all excited to hear more from.

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On Rotation: KINGA K 'Lilies'