KELSIE KIMBERLIN Another Chance To Live Again

Kelsie has launched the Kelsie Kimberlin Foundation to collect donations to help rebuild Ukraine, provide medical help and rehabilitation for those injured in the war, and garner further support for Ukraine.

By Matt

10/22/20231 min read

Music is hope. Music is change. In our darkest moments, it is often times music that lights the path forward to better days and brighter futures. Kelsie Kimberlin knows this idea well, and her latest single, “Another Chance to Live Again”, exemplifies the hope that we look for most in music. The second in a trilogy of songs detailing the war in Ukraine, “Another Chance to Live Again” is filled with pounding drums, a beautiful orchestra conducted by Kyiv composer Yurii Shepeta, and an inspired vocal performance from Kimberlin herself.

Kimberlin wanted to create a song that reflected the desire of Ukrainians to turn back the clock to before the war. Said Kimberlin, “I wanted to express and encapsulate the feelings not only of individual people but of an entire country and society so I used religious and spiritual references in the music and lyrics, and filmed in several places that have religious significance.” These small details truly make “Another Chance to Live Again” an inspiring piece and a powerful statement against war and all of the tragedy that comes from it.