KELSEY MONTANEZ - Infinite Bloom

"This release seamlessly blends hooky pop and emotionally charged rock in Kelsey's signature style, promising a thrilling musical experience"

By Grace

2/25/20241 min read

On Rotation: KELSEY MONTANEZ - Infinite Bloom

Kelsey Montanez, a pop artist based in Chicago, Illinois, released her highly anticipated single, "Infinite Bloom," on Friday February 23rd. With edgy hooks that showcase Montanez’ powerful vocals, the single brings back nostalgia of early 2000’s pop-rock ballads that speak about the exhilarating chase of love.

"Infinite Bloom" features lyrics that perfectly tell the narrative of passion and pursuit, backed with a high-energy guitar track that adds to the rock-n-roll energy of the song. The backing of electric guitar and drums further evokes emotion of the thrill of the chase. Furthermore, Montanez’s voice has been compared with that of Amy Winehouse. Combined together her voice and the backing easily bring back sonic nostalgia that can be best described as that you would find in a classic romantic comedy from 2003.

To note, the production strikes a unique balance between nostalgia and innovation, with quality sounds and mastering. "Infinite Bloom ''sets the bar high for Montanez’s upcoming string of releases planned throughout the year.

Montez is not new to the music business and in fact has been in the industry since she finished highschool and signed her first record deal. Yet, Montanez's most recent single serves as an introduction to her upcoming tracks, in which listeners can expect her to release more vibrant and energetic music.

Montanez is just kicking off her endeavors, as she will continue to captivate audiences with her dynamic sounds while also showcasing her talent onstage in the next few months with her upcoming live performances.