JAKLIU - Bye Gone Éire

Electronic Music Artist Jakliu explores Ireland's modern decline in powerful new release, 'Bye Gone Eire'

By Matt

2/19/20241 min read

On Rotation: Jakliu

From its opening clicks that sound like calls to action to its signature warbling electronic keyboards, “Bye Gone Éire” is a statement. Don’t let its apparent simplicity fool you; between the lines there is much to be discovered. As the latest single from Dublin electronic music producer Jakliu, the song is an epic and at times emotional journey through the musician’s impressions of modern Ireland. Drawing influences from fellow producers such as Max Cooper and Kiasmos, the song pounds and thumps its way through six minutes of endlessly charismatic and chilled out beats.

As someone desiring to create music that brings listeners a sense of catharsis and reflection, Jakliu succeeds not only in his ability to create stunning music but also in his ability to put listeners in a space beyond the melodies and rhythms. Sound effects and natural sounds thrown in throughout the song give it a living, breathing feel, as if it were being played live on an overcast day in Dublin. Perhaps that underscores Jakliu’s greatest talent: his boldness. Creating electronic music with a strong social commentary is no easy feat; some of the biggest producers in the world couldn’t accomplish such a thing. And yet, with “Bye Gone Éire,” this rising light in the Irish music scene has done just that.

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