Interview to GABDEZ

The latest single release "No Stress" with Tatyana Live vocals, is a tribute to the famous one signed by Laurent Wolf.

By P.P.

3/28/20242 min read

HI GABDEZ, welcome to AFX! What are a few words that would best describe you and your musical world?

I live for music, is always running into my mind, even when I sleep and I can't imagine my life without it

How do you come up with ideas for new songs?

The song is a the result of my Dj experience, I love the old version of Laurent Wolf, but i wanted to update with some more new modern sound.

What role does technology play in your music-making process?

Music since was invented by the primitives, has changed and grown time after time, now a days with the Ai and the new tools can reach even unknown levels, that's make the music productions even more exciting

Tell us about the collaboration between you and the singer Tatyana Leive

I was looking for someone who can be singing closer to the original version, but she was in my opinion even better and we arrived at the best result in a very short time

What does high quality sound mean to you?

HQ for me is everyday work, keep the level of the music production and dj set at its best, it can be tiring sometime, but when you look back what you have done, you get even more satisfied

What are your plans for the coming months?

More music is ready to be publish with other features and djs collaboration, the next one is "Allez" dedicated to the next Parisian Olympic Games. At the same time the summer season is about to start with more parties and the collaboration with Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda

Would you like to share anything else about yourself or your music with our readers?

Music is a living dream, you don't see but you feel it, so if you are a dreamer than we are on the same life of emotions. I want to take the chance to invite the readers to follow me and send me their feedback about my next music productions.

Catch "No Stress" on Spotify:

Gabdez, a gifted and versatile DJ/producer hailing from Sicily, has showcased his talent by both opening and closing for renowned artists such as David Guetta, Ingrosso, and Claptone at major concerts.