HERDS - Just the rain

Herds are: Neil Beards- Vocals/ acoustic guitar, Al Duncan- Bass guitar, Ollie Powditch- Keys, Mark Lasbury- Drums, Paul Wentworth- Electric guitar/ vocals.

by Juan

10/22/20232 min read

Herds are a compelling indie psych rock group from Nottingham. In a decade-long musical odyssey, they've left an everlasting impact on the music landscape, captivating fans. Originally known as The Amber Herd, this band has performed at major festivals such as High Voltage, Bearded Theory, and HRH Prog, as well as renowned indoor venues such as London's The Borderline, The Good Ship, and Nottingham's Rock City and The Rescue Rooms. Along the way, they've shared stages with musical legends such as Echo & The Bunnymen, Hawkwind, The Waterboys, Jethro Tull, The Enid, Knifeworld, Ultrasound, and Jesus Jones.The band experienced a transition in 2022, altering their name as well as their personnel. This major progression leads us to the widely anticipated release of their second album, "Falling Wide Awake," set for October 20th, 2023.

"Falling Wide Awake" was recorded in Nottingham's legendary JT Soar, a creative place known for its distinct vibe. Collaborating with acclaimed producer Phil Booth, well known for his work with Sleaford Mods, adds the promise of a musical journey rich in depth, delicacy, and compelling aural landscapes.This hypnotic eight-song, 55-minute masterpiece is a labyrinth of sound. It begins with the progressive psych rock track "Innsbruck" and ends with the grand finale, "Avalanche." The CD takes you on a musical journey. The closing ballad "Strange Caravans," which has the soulful addition of Ali Taylor on vocals, imparts a touch of reflection. Meanwhile, the sub-two-minute punk explosion "Faith" injects high-energy vitality into the mix. "New Year," a 15-minute acoustic blues/electronic fusion, takes a captivating turn, delivering something for every musical taste. Among these songs, "Just the Rain" stands out. Perhaps the most outstanding work of the album, being the most recognizable highlight when listening to the album. Its sound is pure, pleasant and takes you to moments of reflection. It is like the sea, and the waves. It is like the rain. Maybe, it's just the rain.This album demonstrates Herds' creative progress and ability to build a sound journey rich in depth and diversity. "Falling Wide Awake" is an amazing must-listen if you enjoy psychedelic rock and progressive sounds.

To commemorate the release of "Falling Wide Awake," Herds will play at a special release event at the Liquid Light Craft Brewery in Sneinton, Nottingham, on the album's release day. Fans can also watch them on Saturday, November 11th, at HRH Prog XII in Great Yarmouth, where they're expected to light up the stage.To summarize, "Falling Wide Awake" reflects Herds' growth and their ability to create a musical journey rich in variation. This Nottingham-based band guarantees an amazing experience for music fans with their distinct sound and the creative talent of producer Phil Booth.

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