HARLOW REIGN - Forbidden Forever

Harlow Reign makes her musical debut with "Forbidden Forever," a song that showcases her willingness to delve into the most intense emotions and defy traditional concepts.

By Grace

3/14/20241 min read


Harlow Reign, a Melbourne-based artist, released her debut single “Forbidden Forever,” which presents a compelling tale through her expressive storytelling, reminiscent of Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet, thus delving into the complexities of a romance that challenges societal conventions.

“Forbidden Forever” showcase’s Reign’s love for thoughtful lyrics, while telling the story of this taboo romance. With the delicate interplay of purposeful piano notes and enriching string arrangements, the song quickly showcases the emotive depth of the story Reign is sharing with her audience.

Each chorus is complemented by the potency of Reign’s vocal delivery, working alongside harmonious arrangements, a relaxed tempo, and ambient synth layers that somehow all seamlessly converge. Thus, “Forbidden Forever” can easily evoke profound emotional responses.

Having gained inspiration from an array of influences such as Evanescence, We Are The Fallen, and Halestorm, the track highlights Reign’s unique ability to dive into and share intense emotions that defies traditional concepts, promising a musical journey that speaks to the inner rebel within every listener.

From an early age, Reign embraced music, having previously been offered a spot on the prestigious Australian Girls’ Choir. By her late 20s, she joined the rock cover band 'Hot Gossip.'

Excited to unveil more singles in 2024, Reign is only just at the start of her musical journey. Following this debut single, Reign looks forward to releasing new music throughout the year ahead.