Giorgia Bortoli releases "Big Love". It is about navigating love in a bigger body and how most times we're kept a dirty little secret.

By Grace

3/2/20241 min read


Giorgia Bortoli, a pop artist based in Liverpool, UK, released her latest single, "Big Love.” The single is a captivating anthem, seamlessly blending infectious melodies with a subtle hint of house influence. Delving into themes of love and self-acceptance, the track offers a poignant exploration of navigating relationships while embracing one's identity in a larger body.

Recorded in Bortoli’s DIY- home studio and written with introspective depth, "Big Love" invites listeners to imagine a world where love goes past traditional beauty-standards. Addressing her feelings of previously being felt like a "dirty little secret," Bortoli uses the track to offer a profound affirmation of self-worth and acceptance. She encourages others to embrace every facet of their bodies and recognize that everyone deserves to experience profound love, regardless of societal expectations.

Alongside the powerful message, the track also offers listeners infectious energy that can easily be danced to. "Big Love" stands as a testament to the enduring allure of pop music in capturing the essence of relatable human experiences.

"Big Love" marks Bortoli’s third release as an independent pop artist. Having previously been compared to the likes of Lizzo and Kylie Minogue, fans of her music can expect her to continue to release tracks that confront society's relentless obsession with beauty standards while also offering electrifying backdrops of pulsating basslines and infectious drum beats.

All in all, artistry and her unwavering commitment to celebrating authenticity and confidence.