"Random Number" is the quirky, glitchy and quizzically philosophical lead single for Genevieve Sovereign's in-progress “STARSEEDS WANTED: enquire within” experimental electronic project.

By Grace

3/29/20241 min read

On Rotation: Genevieve Sovereign "Random Number"

Genevieve Sovereign, an Australian independent artist, released her latest single, "Random Number." The track showcases Sovereign's dynamic vocal range, clever lyric writing, and desire for collaboration, while setting the stage for her forthcoming project titled "STARSEEDS WANTED: enquire within."

"Random Number" delves into the whims of life and the myriad opportunities that arise from the choices we confront along the way, embodying a lighthearted exploration of chance and possibility. It was written alongside the experienced producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Wheeler.

The two collaborators have formed great chemistry, being able to highlight each other's creative strength. The track came about when Sovereign recorded vocal samples during a visit to Wheeler's studio, which formed the basis of the track. Within a week, Wheeler created rough mixes using these samples, which Sovereign then toplined. The final version was completed during another studio session and the finished track was ready for release the following month.

As the lead single for Sovereign's upcoming LP, "Random Number" marks a significant milestone in her artistic journey since her genre-blending EP "It's Yours" in 2022. Looking ahead, Sovereign is focused on expanding her creative horizons with "STARSEEDS WANTED: enquire within." The project, still in progress, will comprise a full-length album featuring collaborations and solo compositions.

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