P0STERGIRL is Marnie (she/her), artist and tarot reader from London, UK. Alternative Art-Pop to appease the vengeful goddess residing in all of us. Unfiltered internal monologue meets expressive and angular production in forthcoming EP 'ENGINE'.


8/12/20232 min read

Interview to P0STERGIRL

Hi P0STERGIRL. How did you first start producing the style of music that you are releasing today?

It was only a year ago I started writing this stuff, but I like to think of my style as being similar to the River Thames. Just a muddy, polluted cesspit of parts from every band or song I've ever loved, dressed up with some twinkly lights and UberBoats for the tourists to romanticise.

What’s been your favourite moment or achievement as an artist so far?

It's got to be making a music video. Waited twelve long years to do that, but thanks to my mate big Dave (Corvax) we made it happen! Honestly it's giving cesspit chic...again.

What is your preferred method of writing and producing music, alone or in a team?

I always write on my own. I get major imposter syndrome when I try to write with other people, so I get better results when I'm just feeling comfortable in my own environment. The early stages of demo-ing I also like to go it alone, but will always embrace the help of professional producers to get the tracks sounding banging.

How do you balance creative expression with commercial appeal?

I'm not sure I bother too much with commercial appeal anymore. I'd rather someone liked my music because it's unique and interesting, rather than them finding me from a tit-heavy selfie that I've used to try and promote the single, if you see what I mean?

How well do you know the music industry and its current trends?

Man, I hate the music industry. I don't keep up with the news on who's buying what label, or whether algorithms are rendering human A&Rs obsolete, because my brain would explode. Trends, though, I can do. For example, I can bullshit a Gen-Z on the nuances of Flyanaboss' TikTok marketing campaign, and I know Doja Cat's recently gone a bit mad.

How would you define success in music?

I would consider myself successful if I'd been nominated for a Mercury Prize, or if I'd appeared on Jools Holland. If you can support yourself financially entirely off the back of your own music, you've made it.

Are you planning anything exciting that we can look forward to?

I have two more singles coming over the next couple of months, and an EP release gig in late October! I'll be posting about all of it on my Instagram. Follow me or else: @_p0stergirl

Catch the new single 'PIRANHA' on Spotify