‘Late Train’ is meaningful and empowering, full of comforting lyrics and uplifting melodies that truly resonate in troubled times.


9/4/20231 min read

Hi Natalie! Can you tell us about you and your music?

Hi! I'm a Scottish singer/songwriter, now based in L.A. I would say most, if not all of my music has a feeling of positivity and empowerment in some way. Even the songs that are about everyday struggles or difficulties, they all have some thread of hope in there!

What would you say is your greatest strength as a singer/musician?

I suppose just being straightforward and honest in my writing!

How do you stay motivated and inspired to create new music?

Listening to other people's music always inspires me and also I love watching music documentaries!!

What’s your favourite part about being a songwriter?

I find the process of songwriting quite magical to be honest! Sometimes you have to dig in and make it work and other times the songs just seem to come out of nowhere! I think it's quite a special thing and I just love it!!

What’s the best compliment someone could give you about your music?

That my music has helped them in any way! Either uplifting them, empowering them, moving them or even just entertaining them!

What are your plans for the coming months?

I'm so excited for the new music I've been working on! I have a new song just released and two more songs to come from my upcoming EP. I can't wait to get it all out there and play these songs live soon!!!

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