EVA NO - Stainless Steel EP

Eva No’s latest EP, “Stainless Steel,” is an exciting example of modern music production, boasting a level of crispness and mix clarity that adds definition to the songs.

By Eleonora

10/14/20231 min read

On Rotation: EVA NO 'Stainless Steel'

Swedish artist, Eva No has released a new EP titled ‘Stainless Steel’ composed of synths, pop beats and hypnotic vocals. The EP itself is representative of the wide range that Eva is capable of, truly serving to prove her musical skills. Visuals of her swimming in ice cold water is accurate for how one feels when listening to this body of work, as you are driven to extremes. She has defined a clear style that makes her distinctly recognisable, but it never becomes repetitive or boring. One can appreciate how her EP is experimental without feeling amateur. The third track ‘Bring Me Flowers’ plays with a reggae rhythm whilst the singing and lyrics feel longingly sweet. This differs massively from the track ‘100%’ which is an Aqcora remix, this song gives a more dance house feel. This is not Eva’s first time making music, as in her late teens she was the lead singer in a band based in Northern Sweden. Having launched her recent solo career in 2019 after previously being a songwriter, ‘Stainless Steel’ is now her third EP. As listeners we can hope to see her produce a full album at some point soon, but for now we have a taste of what she has to offer.

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