“Alone” is Mann’s sixth release with producer Adam Tilzer. The intentionally melodramatic lyrics evoke the frustrating need for connection and acceptance.

By Matt

10/28/20231 min read

This year, country, folk, and americana have made a major renaissance in the music world, with artists such as Zach Bryan leading the way for a new generation of acoustic-based artists and singers. Elijah Mann, with his latest single, “Alone”, may not be far behind the brightest lights in the scene. Through an outstanding production spearheaded by Adam Tilzer that features quiet, intimate verses and bombastic and gritty choruses reminiscent of artists like Neil Young, Mann lets his inner angst from his teenage years out in a song about adolescent relationships filled with drama, conflict, and longing.

The NYC singer-songwriter wrote the track as part of the soundtrack for the game Here There Be Bears, saying that “the task was to write a song that can work as a love song addressed to the main character, and also encapsulate the ever-growing fear of getting lost in a cave.” With its ominous synths providing this atmosphere in the background, “Alone” is a slow burn, but a bright flame. 

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