DRAUMR - Some Other Night

DRAUMR stands out as the solo project of the french musician, producer and director Gabriel Cheurfa. The latest single is an invitation to boldness and musical escapism.

By Eleonora

10/30/20231 min read

Draumr’s new single ‘Some Other Night’ drops you back into the summer. The dream pop track is a ball of nostalgia, as he reminisces on the “heat of the night”. Creating such visual imagery by repeating that, you can feel the warmth on your skin from the sun as you dance in your dark bedroom. It's a track full of nostalgia, as he remembers how a summer night that felt so special has just turned into another night. Draumr has a voice that will scratch the right places of your brain, bringing you familiarity and comfort. The artist name Draumr itself means dream in ancient norse, which is very fitting for his musical identity. This song is quite literally remembering the summer as though it's just a dream of the past. He takes you on a journey of longing ,but you can’t help but be carefree and dancing through it all. There’s no other way to describe this song other than warm. With contrasting visuals derived from the horror film genre, Draumr definitely wants to give you a sense of warped memory. What is real and what is not? This distortion of reality is felt in all his music, as he paints a dreamscape with his sound.

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