Cold Equations Share Indie Gem ‘Identity Crisis’

Introduced by a furious guitar riff, ‘Identity Crisis’ slowly develops into an irresistible indie-rock gooey – some of the best we have heard to date. Not to worry though, the track also exudes a strong primal, raw imprint, perhaps more aking to nostalgic Britpop than modern ‘indie-cool’ groups. We dig it.

5/7/20231 min read

man in white crew neck t-shirt playing electric guitar
man in white crew neck t-shirt playing electric guitar

Cold Equations do an excellent job: the Nashville-based outfit seems to know exactly where they belong, layering powerful and anthemic lyricism through a majestic, dynamic and evocative vocal tone – courtesy of lead singer Drew Kohl. This is a dealbreaker for us: once the vocals are prominent and friendly, the record opens up to a wider audience, and we are confident Cold Equations can achieve that.

Lyrically, ‘Identity Crisis’ delves into Kohl’s personal experience. After years of being active in the Americana circuit, having to adhere to a fixed set of musical styling, he eventually found creative freedom in exploring neighbouring genres – sort of evolving his identity. As he explains: “I didn’t have to fit into the ‘Country- Americana mold’ so I felt free to explore new sounds and lyrical themes. The Americana genre started feeling super restrictive and I didn’t really resonate or identify with the aesthetic anymore”.

Cold Equations are also gearing up for an upcoming album, expected later this year.