Clouds and Thorns and Luna Keller - Live It All

Clouds And Thorns and Luna Keller combine their love for indie folk with a declaration to live deeply and fully in their new collab “Live It All”

By Eleonora

10/7/20231 min read

Although never meeting in person, American based group Clouds and Thorns and Germany based Luna Keller have transcended physical barriers to create a new ‘feel good’ tune. There is an undeniable happiness that radiates from this new indie folk classic. Reminiscent of genre giants like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, I can see how Luna Keller and Cloud and Thorns will thrive in this scene. ‘Live It All’ is about embracing all moments of life. Even though we must live through dark times, we should be appreciative of how it allows us to enjoy the brighter side of things. It is often that we forget this, which is why we should be grateful to have a song that reminds us of this.

Their ability to communicate this message in such an uplifting way from such a distance from each other proves how universally understood the song truly is. The artists themselves said this song was ‘written as a soundtrack that can lift you up on a bad day and be danced to on a good day’ - I am glad to say they have achieved this goal.

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On Rotation: Clouds and Thorns and Luna Keller 'Live It All'