BAAJ & BAAJ - Don't Cry

''Don't Cry is an uplifting, danceable song that reminds us nothing is ever truly lost. It aims to rekindle the desire to fight seemingly lost causes every time the song is played''

by Eleonora

10/22/20231 min read

Cognac based Baaj & Baaj's new single "don't cry '' is a song that the artist hopes that uplifts you and makes you dance. The synthpop track has a talkative singing style, with Baaj & Baaj repeatedly telling you not to cry, making it feel like a soft encouragement. He draws his inspiration from electronic sounds from the eighties decade, specifically music coming from England at the time, and new wave. His work draws all these influences to create what we know as Baaj & Baaj. As a one man band, Baaj & Baaj plays every instrument and produces everything entirely on his own. His music career is starting to take a steady flight, as he is in no shortage of gigs with plenty of invitations for more in 2024. "Don't cry'' is supposed to remind us that there's no point in crying because what we think is lost is never truly lost. Baaj & Baaj’s philosophy in life is that life is too short to waste, and his passion for music proves this. We can expect to see Baaj & Baaj making appearances on French radio and making waves in the media soon.

Catch 'Don't Cry' Radio edit on Spotify:

On Rotation: 'Don't Cry Radio Edit