ANJALTS - In NeverLand

Anjalts is a singer -songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

By Grace

2/22/20241 min read

Anjalts, an upcoming songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, released her latest track 'In NeverLand’ just last month. Through thoughtful lyrics, the track invites listeners to embark on a journey of escapiss. ‘In NeverLand’ focuses on the relatable desire of wanting to leave adult responsibilities and return to the carefree spirit of youth.

The release can best be described as a trippy musical narrative, reminiscent of the fictional location where one’s imagination can run wild. Written with lyrics aimed to resonate with listeners struggling to handle the complexities of today's social scene, the track showcases Anjalts' emotion-filled vocals over a pulsating sub-bass and oscillating synths. Furthermore, it features distant electric guitar and house-beat change-ups that add focus to the catchy chorus. All in all, the track creates a memorable soundscape.

When speaking about the 'In NeverLand,' Anjalts said she was inspired by the nostalgia of playing video games with her friends in-person, instead of today when they often play alone. She said this isolation changes the dynamic of her friendships and hopes that one day they can spend more time together, like they did when they were younger.
‘In NeverLand’ follows Anjalts’ release of her single ‘Code Blue,’ a pulsating anthem that sheds light on the issue of cyberbullying among today's youth. These two singles show Anjalts talent for creating empowering music for listeners when they’re going through life's sometimes inevitable struggles.

Anjalts release of "In NeverLand” will be featured on her upcoming second album 'Bluency,’ which she started recording back in March 2023. Thus far, the artist has released 11 singles from the album, which is currently pre-released on Bandcamp.

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