This is the first single Anderson Hao' s sophomore project, "Mom I'm a Popstar!" This song is about anxiety in relationships and feeling so small when you're alone again.

By Matt

10/23/20231 min read

Add Anderson Hao to the growing list of talent that has sprung from the rediscovery of 2-step and UK garage. Although “On Me” is short, its intricate sound construction and usage of ambient noise makes the track a sort of portal into Hao’s mind, allowing us to understand her even within a short timeframe. Taking influence from groups like The Postal Service, “On Me” is about “anxiety in relationships and feeling so small when you’re alone again”, and its mellow atmosphere reflects this message completely.

There is, however, an interesting contrast between the somber vocals and the overall danceability of the track, possibly taking influence from artists like PinkPantheress and others who have embraced the modern 2-step sound. The first single from Hao’s forthcoming album, Mom I’m A Popstar!, “On Me” is sure to be the soundtrack for late nights, alone in a room somewhere.

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