ALEXA LASH - Missing

"It's a powerfully emotional track about family, childhood, and neglect created through guitar, accordion and voice" Alexa Lash

By Grace

3/23/20241 min read


Alexa Lash, a singer-songwriter hailing from Miami, Florida, unveiled her latest track "Missing.” The single can best be described as a profoundly emotive track delving into themes of family, childhood, and the scars of neglect.

The song unfolds with the poignant line, "Hold her and tell her a story," encapsulating three intertwined themes: the song as a narrative journey with a resolution, the incorporation of storytelling within the song, and the snapshot-like portrayal of the songwriter's life.

When speaking about the release, Lash reflected on how she reflected on various relationships in her life when developing the song. She wanted to keep the melody simple and have the weight of the song be found within the detailed lyrics. Her hope is that listeners will be able to feel the story and connect with the narrator's tale.

Throughout the song, Lash skilfully navigates the enduring impact of childhood experiences, shedding light on how even seemingly comprehensible events can reverberate into adulthood. The song reflects the transition from innocence to maturity, the ebb and flow of familial ties, and the fluctuating proximity between parent and child.

All in all, she showcases the profound realization that accompanies the process of growing up. “Missing” speaks to the bittersweet nature of growing older, where the complexities of life and relationships become more apparent, and the longing for the simplicity and security of youth becomes palpable.

The instrumentation, including guitar and vocals, is masterfully performed by Lash herself. Additionally, the haunting accordion melodies, which are skillfully rendered by Ferny Coipel, add a layer of depth to the acoustic-sounding track.

As Lash continues her journey as an artist, listeners can anticipate to continue to be moved by her stirring melodies and resonant narratives.

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